Rwanda Fugi - experimental processing

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Rwanda Fugi - experimental processing
cranberry juice, rum, pineapple

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Product description

Processing mill of this coffee is located in the south region Nyaruguru. It is owned by Emanuel and his family company Baho Coffee. They own altogether 4 stations. “Baho” could be translated to “life” in Rwandese national language. There is development going on in this region similarly to the north. Disadvantage is the locations bad infrastructure, therefore everything is going slower than it could.

The soil in this area is vulcanic but geologically older. That means higher oxidation and higher content of Iron which leads to higher acidity and fruitiness of the coffees grown here. Some of the flavor profiles are similar to those of neighboring Kayanza region in Burundi.

The processing

Emanuel created his own kind of fermentation similar to anaerobic fermentation. They called it „Intango“ - the nemae of ceramic jars where cofee ferments. They are usually used to produce local banana beer, although it tastes more like fermented wine from bananas. The cofee cherries rest in ceramic jars for approximately 4 days. After that they are carefuly dried on african bed for almost 60 days. Then they are packed, taken to dry mill and processed to final green beans that are ready to be packed and exported.

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