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Rwanda Bumbogo
black tea, blackberry, dark chocolate

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Plantation mill Bumbogo is the only processing station of Neza Trading Company. “Neza” means something similar to “beautiful” or “amazing”. Bumbogo, similary to about 99% of plantation mills in Rwanda, is named after region where farmers live and from where they bring coffee cherries to the mill. It is located about 1 hour drive from Kigali.

Region where mill is located improved in recent years a lot. The combination of volcanic soil and high altitudes helps to bring out the best qualities in the coffee. Many producers started to be interested in this region too. Especially because the coffees produced here, have slightly different character compared to famous Nyamasheke coffee reion by lake Kivu.

The place where coffee is grown doesn't have specific name because coffee grows on different districts. Our partners from Brno green buying company Coffea call it “Virunga” based on volcanoes on north slopes. Coffee doesn't grow directly there because it is national park where Gorillas live.

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