PURITY C300 Quell ST (bypass 0-70%)

PURITY C300 Quell ST (bypass 0-70%) Zoom

PURITY C300 Quell ST (bypass 0-70%)

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The first filter cartridge with PURITY technology

By introducing the PURITY technology, BRITA has set new standards in water filtration. Now, we have added a major component to the PURITY family. Users of low-capacity machines in the restaurant industry, and catering and vending sectors now also have access to PURITY technology. The solution is called PURITY C. For the first time ever, filter cartridges have been equipped with the unique PURITY technology. Depending on requirements, these cartridges reduce the carbonate hardness, as well as substances that can impair odour and taste, and the smallest of particles. Only in this way can the taste and aroma of the products develop and deliver top-quality results. Typical areas of application for the PURITY C filter cartridges are coffee and espresso machines, hot and cold drink vending machines as well as combi ovens and conventional ovens.
Flow system

The cartridge flow system specially developed by BRITA guarantees constant reduction of carbonate hardness over the entire lifecycle of the filter. Untreated water is distributed perfectly and extensively. This means that the filter medium is used evenly and to its full extent.
Product description
Complete filter - adjustable bypass 0-70% Capacity in carbonate hardness 10 ° dH (coffee, espresso / vending - bypass 40%): 4000 l Capacity for the carbonate hardness of 10 ° dH (furnace / konvekt. - Bypass 10%): 2750 l Maximum working pressure: 8.6 bar Working temperature: 4 ° C-30 ° C Nominal flow rate: 60 l / h The pressure loss at a flow rate: 0.25 bar Dimensions (w. / Pr. / In.): 125/119/464 Weight (wet / dry): 4.6 kg / 6.9 kg Connection: G 3/8 "or John Guest 8 mm Position: horiz. or vertical.

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