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KB90 is the latest model based on the Linea PB series. Designed specifically to increase operator speeds in busy cafes, it also makes it easier for the barista to work with an improved workflow. At La Marzocco, they have designed a new head-to-head lever system for more work efficiency and less effort on the user's wrist. Efficiency is achieved by steam flushing. After each extraction, the steam is blown to the head and is followed by a portion of rinsing water, making the machine constantly clean even in the busiest hours. This innovative feature minimizes the taste of spoilage and extends the period for classic cleaning. The KB90 enables unprecedented possibilities of your expression, thanks to the panels created by virtually endless combinations of colors and materials.

Product description

Coffee makers are produced in two variants.

AV model (automatic) and ABR (automatic brew ratio).

Drip Prediction Algorithm at ABR automatically stops extraction of espresso at the desired moment, thanks to which the adjusted portions in the cup are achieved without manual correction. Thanks to this algorithm-based system, there is no deviation in accuracy when you change the coffee between the mixture, decaffe or single-brew coffee.

"Direct forward! Portafilter" system

The system was designed to maximize the ease of movement for attaching the portafilter (lever) to reduce the strain on the barist's hand. Exercise is at least 12 times shorter than the classic clamp. The busy café environment puts high demands on barist speed and efficiency in beverage production during the busiest hours of the day. "Portafilter Direct" significantly reduces the problems caused by repetitive wrist strain on classic bayonet fastening. Thanks to simple and natural movement, it improves the barrister's work progress and performance. The coffee maker is equipped with proprietary software for the first time in the history of the company, which is user-friendly, flexible and has the potential for future upgrades, including:

- Linking with the weight placed in the dripper

- I'm sleeping All updates can be easily uploaded using the usb keychain.

KB90 button panel

- More, more distinctive, user-friendly buttons

- o-led display (display of flexible material)

- aesthetically pleasing

- Indication of the pulse of the flowmeter

KB90 Eco Mode - The coffee machine can be programmed to save the el. energy, if not used

KB90 Practical Design (Compared to Classic Line) - 32% more work area

- An extensive dripper facilitates work, especially when delivering large quantities of beverages.

- Large capacity of the cup heater

- Steam valve opens immediately, just like the GB5 and FB80 models

- better access to maintenance

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