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Guatemala Monte de ORO

Guatemala Monte de Oro 250g

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Guatemala Monte de Oro 1000g

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This coffee comes from the Monte de Oro farm, located at an altitude of 1,600 metres in the heart of the Acatenango Valley on the hills of Balam Juyu. It benefits from an optimum climate and a very fertile soil, which explains the coffee's great complexity. The Monte de Oro farm is in fact named after the excellent fertility of its soil. The coffee is harvested after analysing the cherry's sugar content (Brix) to optimise cherry quality. It is then dried on patios and African beds for 10 days.

The first days, the drying is done in very thin layers to allow a slow and uniform drying.

Initially devoted to polyculture and breeding, the farm gradually stepped up its coffee production and today it is the farm's sole activity. Over this period, new varieties and coffee preparation techniques have been introduced. The 22-hectare farm currently has more than five varieties of coffee that are prepared according to three different processes, producing a wide variety of sensory profiles.


Region: Monte de Oro, Acatenango, Guatemala

Farm (farmer): Mario Alarcón

Altitude: 1600 masl

Variety: Red caturra

Processing: unwashed

Acidity: medium

Flavor profile: almond ,cocoa ,pears

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Product description

The farm's manager, Mario Ricardo, is an industrial mechanical engineer by training, and he is using his expertise to develop more responsible production processes, for example by reducing use of water when wet-processing the farm's coffees.

Mario belongs to the 5th generation of Melendez coffee growers. In 2008, he took over the family business by becoming manager of the Monte de Oro farm. Until then his mother had managed the farm alone, since the death of Mario's grandfather in the 1980s. At the time she was the first woman in the region to run a farm, and had to face a lot of criticism alone. Mario initially worked as an industrial mechanical engineer. He made it a point of honour to stop using excessive amounts of water for his wet-processed coffees.

The new Monte de Oro mill was created using the latest generation of machines and a simple yet efficient process, which have significantly reduced the amount of water used for production.

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