Ethiopia Gora Kone

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Ethiopia Gora Kone
apricot, green tea, wild strawberry

Ethiopia Gora Kone 250g

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Ethiopia Gora Kone 1000g

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Ethiopia the origin of origins. The country where it all begun. We love its stories and the quality it each crop brings. Again we chose one of the best ones for you whether you like it for filter or espresso this Ethiopia will shine in both with tea like and citrusy character.

Region: Sidamo

Plantation mill: Gora Kone

Altitude: 1900 – 2050 masl

Variety: heirloom

Processing: washed

Acidity: medium

Flavor profile: apricot, green tea, wild strawberry

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per filter
Product description

The Gora Kone washing station is situated in the Arsi region, next to the Nensebo river and the village of Werka. The station provides an income for 700 to 800 coffee smallholders. On the premise of these family farms, 3 hectares per farm on average, you find wanza and acacia trees that shade their coffee trees. Cherries are handpicked between November and January and delivered to Gora Kona washing station.

Both washed and natural processes are used to prepare cherries. Natural coffees are dried for 15-18 days on drying beds. The drying beds are situated on steep hillsides that are exposed to great amounts of wind. Washed coffee is fermented for 42-46 hours under water. The water is changed for fresh water every 12 hours. The coffee is washed with fresh water from the Gerenbicho river, an affluent of the Nensebo river. After being washed, they are dried for 10 to 12 days and laid to rest for 30 days so everything within the bean can settle.

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