Ethiopia Alemayehu Daniel lot 19 (250g) - auction lot

Ethiopia Alemayehu Daniel lot 19 (250g) - auction lot Zoom

Ethiopia Alemayehu Daniel lot 19 (250g) - auction lot

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Project Operation Cherry Red (OCR) offered one of the best ethiopian microlots from this years season in auction. The financial bonus paid above the starting price went directly to the hands of the farmers. The project was created by our long time partner Trabocca. Thanks to Trabocca we can bring you each year great tasting ethiopian coffees. In this project the farmers were supported throughout the whole process of growing and processing the coffee and were paid premiums to get out the highest quality from these microlots. All the coffees in the auction were scoring about 90/100 points!

For Lot 27 we pay approximately 80 154 czech koruna to farmers who produced this lot.

For Lot 19 we pay approximately 141 425 czech koruna directly to farmer Alemayehu Daniel.

Region: Gedeb, Yirgacheffe

Farmer: Mr. Alemayehu Daniel

Farm: Tesfaye Roba farm

Altitude: 2050 – 2110 masl

Variety: Kurume, Wolisho, 74110, 74112

Processing: natural


Flavor profile: dried pineapple, hibiscus, Ecuadorian chocolate


Product description

Quality of the coffee

All the coffees signed up for this project had to go through selection process first. Trabocca was checking the quality of green beans as well as cupping scores. On April 24th, an all-star international jury of coffee professionals – including head-judge Anette Moldovar (Squaremile), Rubens Gardelli (Gardelli Specialty Coffee), and Kentaro Maruyama (Maruyama Coffee) – cupped at Trabocca’s headquarters in Amsterdam and made a final selection of the Operation Cherry Red Auction lots.

Price of the coffee

Trabocca already bought all coffees that have made it through the initial selection round at a base price four times higher than world market price. The coffees are more expensive than regular specialty coffees, but the differrence goeas to the farmers in Ethiopia directly. Thanks to project OCR 2 195 139 czech koruna was collected for the farmers. The most expensive lot was bought by Muruyama for aaproximately 1780 czech koruna per kg.

Note: all the prices are without shipping from Ethiopia

Our lots

We focused on three cofees in auction. Two naturals and one washed. Because washed one got as high with price it was second most expensive coffee we wanted to focus on getting those two sweet naturals – lot 19 and lot 27. Lot 19 is from single farmer Alemayehu Daniel and it was absolute winner. Second place was also really great fruity coffee coming from few farmers that signed up for competition together. We managed to buy both coffees 200kg each. They are both scoring 89/100 points. These same lots were bought by El Coffee Roasters (Korea), Puff Coffee (USA), Mokkamestarit Oy (Finland).

I would like to thank Trabocca on behalf of the beneficiary farmers. There were so many auctions held in the past years but none that concerned the farmers. This is more than money. ”

Adugna Shore, Small Scale Coffee Farmers agent and Agronomist

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