DECAFF - Mexico finca Santa Fé

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DECAFF - Mexico finca Santa Fé
Flavor profile: cherry compote, sweet tobacco, malt

DECAFF - Mexico Santa Fé 250g

Excl. Tax: Kč 168.70 Incl. Tax: Kč 194.00

DECAFF - Mexico Santa Fé 1000g

Excl. Tax: Kč 673.04 Incl. Tax: Kč 774.00
Doporučená příprava
Product description

The water decaffeination process is a natural process that do not use any chemical solvents. This method uses water from the Mexican mountains to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99% caffeine-free, while maintaining the bean's distinctive origin and flavor characteristics.


The water is from the glaciers of the Pico de Orizaba mountain in Mexico. The process is: using water to float the coffee oils and caffeine in a solution, then filtering the solution to remove caffeine, and returning the water soluble oils to the coffee. 

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