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  1. Toddy® Cold Brew System - Pro Series 10
    Excl. Tax: Kč 19,165.29 Incl. Tax: Kč 23,190.00

    New! Featuring a 10-gallon stainless steel brewing vessel, a threadless dispensing valve and compostable filters.

    Introducing the Toddy® Pro Series line of cold brewing equipment.

    Check out our Pro Series Introduction Video.

    This new, patented product line is designed to help you scale up your cold brew program. We’ve listened to your feedback and incorporated many small details to make large volume brewing simple, efficient and food safe.

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  2. Toddy® Cold Brew System - Pro Series 10 Filters
    Excl. Tax: Kč 3,576.86 Incl. Tax: Kč 4,328.00

    Specially designed for the Toddy® Cold Brew System - Pro Series 10. These fabric-like, compostable filters are made from our Tree Free material. (Platform not included.)

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  3. Toddy® Cold Brew System - Commercial Model with Lift
    Excl. Tax: Kč 3,305.79 Incl. Tax: Kč 4,000.00

    The Commercial Model now comes standard with the patented Toddy® Lift, maximizing the volume of extract you get out of every batch.

    The Toddy® Cold Brew System - Commercial Model uses its unique cold-water extraction process to produce cold-brewed liquid coffee and tea extract that offers a full-bodied, aromatic flavor profile that translates into a bold, super-smooth taste. Brew 5 lbs of your favorite coffee to yield at least 2.5 gallons of extract.

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  4. Toddy® Cold Brew System - Commercial Model Paper Filters
    Excl. Tax: Kč 2,554.55 Incl. Tax: Kč 3,091.00

    For opitmal brewing results, this product requires the use of the Commercial Model Lift

    Strainer is NOT INCLUDED with this item. If you do not have the Commercial Model Lift, you will need the Commercial Filters with strainer.

    SKU: TCMPF50

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  5. Kalita Wave Filter Papers - White
    Excl. Tax: Kč 231.40 Incl. Tax: Kč 280.00

    100 pcs/carton

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  6. láhev Nitro Whip 1.0l
    Excl. Tax: Kč 2,855.37 Incl. Tax: Kč 3,455.00
    láhev na originální bombičky ISI charger Learn More
  7. bombičky Nitro N2 (16ks)
    Excl. Tax: Kč 252.07 Incl. Tax: Kč 305.00

    - originální bombičky ISI charger
    - balení 16ks

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  8. kurz latte art pro začátečníky
    Excl. Tax: Kč 2,066.12 Incl. Tax: Kč 2,500.00

    Co tě v kurzu naučíme?

    Rozdíly v mléčných nápojíc

    Jak našlehat mléko na micro foam

    Základní vzory - srdíčko, rozeta, tulipán

    Kurz bude rozdělen na teorietickou a praktickou část. 

    Teoretická část:

    Výběr konvičky

    Typy mléka

    Typy latte art - free pour, etching

    Praktická část

    Práce u kávovaru

    Šlehání mléka - micro foam

    Práce s konvičkou

    Latte art - držení šálku, techniky vlévání mléka, “malování”

    k vybrání termínu použijte tento GOOGLE KALENDÁŘ, nebo ho uvidíte dole v sekci VIDEO u produktu

    volejte na číslo 728 722 908 sl.Adéla Kupčíková pro výběr termínu nebo vybraný termín zadejte do pole poznámka u objednávky


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  9. Mahlkönig Tanzania
    Excl. Tax: Kč 47,667.77 Incl. Tax: Kč 57,678.00

    „Powerful Combination“:
    • exceptionally robust grinder with high grinding capacity
    • suitable for different grinding goods and different finenesses
      as e.g. turkish-fine and/or espresso grinding

    • bags are simply clamped into the bag holder – no need to
      hold bags during the grinding process
    • the cleaning of the spout is simply done with the bag holder
    • grind adjustment to the desired fineness is easily done by
      turning the grind adjustment knob
    • the hoppers can be locked with a slide plate to enable an
      easy exchange of hoppers with different grinding goods


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  10. Ditting 804 LAB SWEET
    Excl. Tax: Kč 67,340.50 Incl. Tax: Kč 81,482.00

    The 804 LAB SWEET combines the approved grinding technology of the 804 series with functionalities especially designed for laboratory applications. The grinder facilitates single portion grinding with almost no 
    residues. This is how the 804 LAB SWEET prevents the cross contamination off different coffees and achieves the highest precision.

    • Consistent extraction and more sweetness inside the cup thanks to especially engineered burrs

    • Wear-resistant premium cast steel precision burrs

    • Adjustable mounting position of the tray in different heights

    • Stepless grind adjustment within an extended range

    • Aromasaving consistent grinding

    • Minimal retention of coffee residues left in the spout thanks to the manual knocker

    • Very easy to maintain and to clean

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Items 251 to 260 of 297 total

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