BRAZIL Sítio Vargem Grande - mikrolot

BRAZIL Sítio Vargem Grande - mikrolot

BRAZIL Sítio Vargem Grande - mikrolot
cherry, nougat chocolate, apple juice

BRAZIL Sítio Vargem Grande 250g.

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BRAZIL Sítio Vargem Grande 1000g.

Excl. Tax: Kč 901.74 Incl. Tax: Kč 1,037.00

Sitio Vargem Grande is beautiful farm that lays in hills of Caparao region. In 2018 our QC Tomas visited the farm and met with local farmers. The family Barosso Dos Santos produces amazing coffees that he had a chance to taste but at that time did not export outside of Brazil. Thanks to our partner Max we managed to bring the coffee all the way to Czech Republic and offer you their microlot processed by black honey fermentation. Coffee is rich, smooth and has not so typical cherry sweetness with hint of malic acidity.

Region: Caparaó

Farm (farmer): Sítio Vargem Grande (Maria Aparecida Barroso dos Santos (Tida)

Altitude: 1100-1400 masl

Variety: Red Catuai

Processing: black honey anaerobic

Acidity: low

Flavor profile: cherry, nougat chocolate, apple juice

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Tida and her family started to work in the specialty coffee business in 2010, and in 2011 they had their first harvest and sold their first bag of coffee which filled them with joy and pride as they earned recognition and appreciation for the hard work they did. It was very motivating as well and so they expanded little by little and now they are producing some of the best coffees in Brazil with scores from 85-90+ points. Tida and her family are very grateful for the success in coffee plantation as it helps them to make a good living.

Coffee processing system

The harvest is selective, only the ripe cherries are being picked while the green ones stay on the trees until they reach the perfect stage of development to be harvested. After the picking, the outer skin of the cherries is peeled without using water and kept under anaerobic conditions for 96 hours. Then, the cherries are dried on suspended beds in the sun. After drying, the coffee is taken to wooden bins for a period of at least 40 days to rest.


For the future Tida wants to maintain the high quality standard for her coffees but also experiment with new processing methods like black honey anaerobic but using the dry-pulping machine, not requiring water usage as in Brazil this is quite unusual. “We at Sítio Vargem Grande are one of the first of producing high quality speciality coffees, receiving awards in regional and national competitions, gaining the knowledge we also share with our neighbors.”

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