BRAZIL Marilda Mafort

BRAZIL Marilda Mafort

BRAZIL Marilda Mafort

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Region: Caparaó

Farm (farmer): Sítio Das Colinas (Marilda Mafort)

Altitude: masl

Variety: Red Catuaí, Red Bourbon and Yellow Caturra

Processing: anaerobic


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History: Marilda has been producing Specialty coffees since 2016 with her partner Nilim. She comes from a family of coffee farmers but from a different region of Caparaó. Sítio Das Colinas sits in a privileged position in Caparaó mountains and with an altitude of 1250m the microclimate is ideal for the production of Specialty coffees. As from 2019 they experimented with anaerobic fermentation with the result of 90+ coffees and for the first time her coffees have been exported to Europe. She loves what she does with her partner always by her side to support her in producing one of the best coffees of the region.

Coffee processing system: The harvest is selective, only the ripe cherries are being picked while the green ones stay on the trees until they reach the perfect stage of development to be harvested. After the picking, the outer skin of the cherries is peeled without using water and kept under anaerobic conditions for 192 hours. Then, the cherries are dried on suspended beds in the sun for 5 weeks. After drying, the coffee is taken to wooden bins for a period of at least 30-40 days to rest.


For the future, Marilda wants to improve the quality of her coffees but also with regards to preserve the environment and keep the art of artisanal way of producing selective coffees.

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